Rooftop Farming With 2 Liter Bottles: Functional, Beautiful, Inexpensive

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1 - Making an opening in the bottle 7 to 10cm for each seed.

2 - Fill the bottle with potting soil.

3 - Drill the bottom of the bottles to promote drainage.

4 - Place the bottles in the corrugations of the roof (if sheet)

5 - Run tubes for for irrigation

6 - Connect the tubes to a 5 gallon bucket, trash can, or other  rain water storage medium

7 - Sow the seeds into the soil and take proper irrigation regulating with quills.

This idea was implemented from a project by Carolina Forero, the Javeriana University, as a solution to a neighborhood in Altos de Cazucá, a community with a lack of potable water.

Through a series of workshops, Forero and her partner taught the people of the community to grow lettuce and radishes on rooftops using two-liter PET bottles and rain water collected in buckets.

Besides being a very interesting project that offers a functional design encourages anyone to implement it at home.

This photo details the connections:

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