DIY Swimming Pool for Less Than $100

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Now that Summer is fast approaching, we thought we would show this easy and inexpensive DIY swimming pool, that you can build for less than a US$100.

Want a new pool in time for spring and summer but don’t have the money to make it happen? Just do it yourself!!!

Below you will find basic instructions for a simple, inexpensive, and creative way to make your own above ground pool.

First thing you will need to do is to layout a tarp as the base of the area where the pool will be built upon. This to protect the ground and avoid mud pits.  After that, start by placing your pallets up, making a circle.  Be sure to examine the pallets for loose nails or anything that might snag your tarp or pool lining.  You need to nail the boards into the tops of the pallets where they meet in order to connect them together.

To stabilize and strength to the pallet structure, start by securing ratchet straps around it’s perimeter and nailing boards in workable areas that connect adjoining pallets.

Lay either old blankets, canvas, or some other soft and strong material over the pallet structure and cover all of the pallet connections with towels.  All this to prevent the pallets from puncturing your pool lining.  

Next, line the inside of the pool with a solid and reliable tarp.  You can use duct tape to secure the pool liner in place. 

Finally, add some elegance by nailing wood planks to the tops of the pallets.  This will further secure the pool liner while providing a nice place to sit or hop on in.  

Here is what the finished product looks like!  Comment below if you have ever built your own pool.  Share your pictures with us.

Here’s a video example of an even simpler design put together by a father for his children. 

via TheHomeSteadGuru

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