Old wood wife wanted to burn. Turned it into a solid plank hardwood floor for the cabin

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So some time ago, you finish that silly little project your were working on, or you didn't finish it.  Either way, you got busy, and your wife decides that wood you had cut up down at the sawmill a year ago has been sitting in the corner long enough, and it's time for the burn pile, for the wood stove, or to send it back to the woods.  

Somehow it gets under your skin, and you decide to show her up and put it to use.  That's what Tom Michael Ourada did, as seen in the photos he uploaded to the Daily Craftsman.  

See the process for yourself.  I stand amazed at his craftsmanship:



Once the initial pattern was set, he used a band saw and cut up piece by piece to fill in the gaps.  What an amazing look for the floor this is!

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