Check Out My Mini Portable Cookhouse Made From Scratch

Categories: DIY
Features : -25 Liters of boiling pans with gasoline carburetor burner -Stauraum For accessories and Kocher + 4-piece cookware set -3 Liters hot water with soap dispenser -diverse accessories for immediate serving of 40 people

The rear view has been revised somewhat and converted with 2 bottles

Of course, everything is fully functional and StVZO compliant ...

... and has been tested, here at a SR- meetings, and actively used 

Being my first design, I am, of course, open for further questions, suggestions, opinions. Always happy to help! Finally, again with tractor : SIMSON SR2 , built in 1959 , restored in 2006:
Selbst die Urmenschen wussten schon: "Das Feuer ist Dein Freund!"


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