Make Your Desk Cords Disappear With One Of These!

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Are you tired of all those cables tangled and hanging all around your desk? Follow these simple instructions and get organized. It is a very inexpensive and a very easy way to declutter your desk.

  • Cut a shipping tube into the size that will fit under your desk.
  • Cut the tube open lengthwise, and stretch it open so the crack sits open about 2 inches wide.
  • Tape over all the sides to give a clean look.
  • Spray paint it the color of your choice.
  • Once dry, screw the tube into the back underside of the desk, (two screws is fine) so the crack sits open facing towards you.
  • Push a power strip into the tube, and plug it in. Plug in all items on your desk into the power strip, and tuck the extra cord into the tube.
  • The power strip will now be the only cord showing from the desk.

Enjoy a clean floor!

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