This Hydroelectric Generator is Made out of Plastic Bottles

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With some empty plastic bottles, a little wire, and some ingenuity, Thomas Kim created his own hydroelectric generator that can charge a cell phone or power an LED lamp in the backwoods, if desperation strikes.

This water wheel generator made of plastic bottles, disposable platters, 3 Phase stepping motor, and rectifier circuit.

It can generate enough power to charge a smartphone...

And even power a small LED.

The electricity flows through an AC/DC circuit that is integrated to a USB connector.

The generator can produce up to 10V of power.  Although it's not a lot, it is a pretty sweet way to generate clean, renewable energy!

Source: inhabitat

The video isn't quite a tutorial on how to create your own, it's pretty cool to see one in action.

Source: Thomas Kim

Wondering how it works? This kid explains it so well!

Source: pareshum


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