How you can make an awesome Fire Pit for under $150

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By Amanda Black

Just because the summer is winding down, doesn't mean you have to run for cover indoors. There's still plenty of time to relax in the backyard with some BBQ and cold brews. In fact, even when the nights turn chilly, the perfect way to squeeze a little bit more out of the season is to strike up a fire in your backyard fire pit and toast some s'mores.

What's that...? You don't have a fire pit? No problem...these guys made theirs for under $150 and with minimal materials. 

Here a step by step picture instruction manual for you to follow:

For starters, they used crestone beveled retaining wall blocks...

Reddit / whysocereus 

They went around the central fire ring.

Reddit / whysocereus 

The two brothers added a second row of stones.

Reddit / whysocereus 

They put a third layer on with some caulk...

Reddit / whysocereus 

And set the fire ring on top of the lip.

Reddit / whysocereus 

Stone pebbles were strewn inside and around the pit.

Reddit / whysocereus 

They just need some fancier chairs to match this awesome fire pit.

Reddit / whysocereus 

But they'll do for now!

Reddit / whysocereus / (source Reddit)

I can't imagine that took more than a few hours to make -- so simple! What are you waiting for? Get building!


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