How We Make Lumber With Our Alaskan Chainsaw Mill - Start To Finish

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When we started our journey of starting an off grid homestead from scratch, we decided that we were going to take a stab at building our own home using primarily trees from our property. Not only that, but we wanted to do so affordably, and that’s when we discovered the Alaskan chainsaw mill.

Since we arrived on our property in September of 2015, we’ve had a bit of time under our belt perfecting our Alaskan chainsaw milling. We started with a homemade chainsaw mill but quickly realized why that wasn’t something we wanted to continue playing with long-term. We have since upgraded to the Granberg portable chainsaw mill and couldn’t be happier.

making lumber portable chainsaw mill
Sitting on our freshly-milled slabs that will be used for decking… see our hot tub deck in the background, built with lumber milled ourselves using this exact method!

In this post, we want to show you a rough outline as to how we make dimensional lumber with our chainsaw mill. While cutting down a tree may seem fairly straightforward (read about our experience felling our trees here!), getting it to the dimensions you need may not be as straightforward, but we want to share what works for us.

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