So you want to be fuel efficient? How To Install an engine on a bike

Categories: DIY - technicians, Jonny and Matt, go over tips and tricks on how to install an 80cc, 66cc, 49cc or 50cc 2-stroke engine kit on a standard beach cruiser. This complete installation manual gives great advice on installing the complete motorized gas bike kit as long as the bike is a 26" Men's beach cruiser. By providing this extensive tutorial guide, we are here to help turn your bicycle into a motorized bicycle.

Table of Contents:
0:15 - Picking the right bike
0:58 - Parts List
2:02 - Sprocket Assembly
5:28 - Mounting the Engine
9:23 - Installing the Clutch

11:01 - Installing the Chain + Pulley
13:51 - Installing the Throttle Assembly
14:48 - Installing the Carburetor
16:25 - Installing the Electrical Components

17:36 - Installing the Muffler

17:43 - Installing the Gas Tank
19:01 - Installing the Chain Guard
20:10 - Maintenance and Fuel Mix

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