How to make an INEXPENSIVE HOE FOR EFFICIENT WEEDING, 'Recycle Strap Hoe'. Weeds beware !

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GOT WEEDS? A Novel DIY HOE with INTERCHANGEABLE, PLASTIC FRIENDLY, ADJUSTABLE, SHARP & FLEXIBLE blades. AMAZING for HAND WEEDING VEGETABLES, STRAWBERRIES, and COVER CROPS. It's great for weeding along PLASTIC MULCH without damaging it! It's INEXPENSIVE, light-weight & super EASY TO MAKE from recycled materials and extremely EFFICIENT, and ERGONOMIC. A "MUST HAVE" for every FARM and GARDEN.


-The BLADE is made of steel strapping, the light weight HANDLE is made from Arundo donex grass (or bamboo, or wood dowel) and it's all held together with BICYCLE INNER TUBE (or hose or ring clamps).

-Developed by Dr. Eric Brennan who is a scientist at the United States Department of Agriculture (Agricultural Research Service), ORGANIC research program in Salinas, California.
-The 'Recycle Hoe' (a.k.a. 'Strap hoe' if you make it from non recycled materials) is a critical tool in their sustainable weed management research program. The Recycle Hoe is far better than other hoes (i.e. hula hoe or stirrup hoe, wire weeder or wire hoe, standard hoe, collinear hoe) that have been used in the commercial-scale high-value vegetable and strawberry production systems at this cutting edge, organic research farm. PERFECT for taking out small to medium sized weeds before they seed, and works on many soil types, and in dry and moist soil conditions. Have FUN making it!

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