How To Build A Table: 'The Priceless Gift' For His Bride On Their 20 Year Anniversary

Categories: DIY

The Priceless Gift woodworking video is a time lapse of Chris's construction of a dining room table for his wife for their 20th wedding anniversary. He used only hand tools, no power tools. The wood is rough sawn walnut and chestnut barn wood. This is the entertainment video version and the detailed education version is called "How To Make A Table (The Priceless Gift)". The presentation to my wife at the end of the video was unforgettable - Priceless!

How To Build A Table woodworking video educates you in detail how Chris constructed a dining room table as a gift for his wife using no power tools, just hand tools. Here you can see in detail the design, the hand tools, and techniques using rough sawn walnut and chestnut barn wood. I hope you enjoy.

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