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My story starts out with a 60-80 hour work week running a very well-established restaurant. I was only focused on money and the store. I was rarely able to see my family or friends, focus on myself, or really live in general. I honestly thought I would have a heart attack by the age of 45 with all the stress I had weighing on my shoulders.  I woke up when one of my dearest friends died. I missed so much because I was working long shifts, all-night inventories, and early morning meetings. I could have shared more time with him, could have made more memories before he passed. It took that to finally realize what I was missing.  My life, myself and my peace.  Somehow through all of the chaos I met my other half. He had a vision that I wanted.  He had a dream of having a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle. This was quite a different path than I was on, but I knew I needed it more than anything. 
When I met my boyfriend, he had already been presented with a rather unique proposal. He wasn't searching for anything, but it just literally fell into his lap:  handmade rope sandals.  I was drawn in immediately!  The sandals are handcrafted. I was especially drawn to the unique character of the interchangeable laces, making them easily customizable. The creativity of this was amazing to me. I left my job and started my journey right then. I was freed from everything! Peace finally came. I could see our vision starting to take place. 


10382150_294010417425288_159639206798479060_n.jpgWe now work from home, focusing on ourselves and our dreams, gardening and planning the next big change for our lives and environment. No more 80 mile round-trip commutes, no more more rat race, just simply living. 

We are currently selling our 4,000 square foot house in pursuit of a more modest living space where we can focus on sustainable energy and growing food with an aquaponics garden. 

We are so excited about the path we are on. Growing more, creating less of a footprint on this earth. Handmade rope sandals is just the beginning.  
Nice job Amy!  Love the sandals, and love what you two are doing!
~Dave Webster of offgridquest.com
Check out their facebook page, web site, and ebay store links below: 
We have a facebook page, website and eBay store: 
Handmade Rope Sandals
Collection of various sizes and colors of Rope Sandals including Interchangeable Lace Rope Sandals. Also referred to as Jesus Sandals
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