Don't Just Throw it away!! Make Fuel From Junk Mail

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Keep your homestead warm for free

Believe it or not you can make an endless supply of fuel for your fire from old newspapers, junk mail, catalogues, books, brochures etc.

This was one of our earlier videos and the footage isn't too good however the information in it is worth putting up with the poor quality video.


Shredding with little hand shredder

This video came about because we started getting more and more junk mail and menus through our door and we would just pick them up and put them straight into the recycling bin. A few moths of this and we decided there must be a better way of dealing with this problem. When we started this project we weren't sure how it would work or even if it would work. We had done our research and had heard conflicting information about this type of experiment. Some people had spent a lot of time and effort making great big contraptions to produce the same results as we did just on a larger scale. Before we went all out making anything to extravagant we wanted to make a cheap prototype before we went on you make a bigger and better version.

George Trying out our latest invention

After trying this a few different ways we came up with the technique shown in the below videos. As I have said this isn't the final way we will be doing it. This was just a proof of concept, although it works so well and we will be making a new video on how to do this in the future. 

Part 1:



Part 2:


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