DIY PVC Clips for Plastic or Shade Cloth

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Attaching plastic or shade cloth to a greenhouse or simple frame can be challenging, especially if it’s something you need to take on and off for access.

In this article we will learn how to make our own PVC clips to secure any kind of fabric or cover to a green house.

While building the “propagation station” (future post on that) I needed a way to secure plastic for cold months and shade cloth for warmer months.

This system allows me to easily secure and detach whatever material I need to cover the table.

It works by rolling up your material around a long PVC pipe and snapping it into the clips.

The clips are made of thinner wall PVC that is 1/4” larger in diameter. For example, I roll up the plastic on 1/2” schedule 40 PVC pipe, my clips are made of thin walled 3/4” PVC.

To make the clips I divided the circumference of 3/4” pipe into 8 sections:

I then drew equidistant straight lines down the pipe as a cutting guide to cut away 2/8 of the pipe:

I cut along the lines and and cut off the clip at 4 inches. You can make these clips as long or short as you need.

I filed the edges and corners to be smooth and round to lessen the risk of tearing.

I attached the clips to my frame by pre-drilling a hole and attaching one screw. I set the clutch on my drill to avoid over tightening and cracking the PVC. The screws are tight but the clips can pivot if they need to.

I imagine there are many uses for these clips beyond just securing fabric or plastic.

If you have any ideas or have used these before chime in on the comments section below!

Stay tuned for my full write up on the propagation station for seeds and cuttings.

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