DIY mosquito trap: How to build a mosquito trap in under 15 minutes. (Video)

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How to make a mosquito trap with beer. First, let me tell you about the science and why this trap works. The combination of sugar water and yeast is the process of making alcohol. So the two bi-products of this is alcohol and carbon dioxide(this is what attracts the mosquito's and is also what we exhale when we breath, thus attracting mosquito's).

So once I figured out the science behind this, I have also found that you can just use wine or beer if you don't have any yeast or sugar. Beer and wine still contain yeast (beer containing more) unlike liquors which have a high alcohol content. Most of the yeast is killed by the high temperatures and the high alcohol content of liquor.

How to make a mosquito trap with beer. First, you will need a few things to get started to make your mosquito trap: An empty 2-liter bottle, a can/bottle of beer, scissors, tape, and mosquito's. A black bag is optional but does seem to help some.

1. Cut the bottle below the neck and above the top half of the bottle.
2. Flip the top half and set it into the bottom half.
3. Tape down the edges that have been cut, so that no mosquito's can escape.
4. Pour your beer in, but leave at least an inch of space so that mosquito's can get into the trap.
5. Place in a dark corner or sit the mosquito trap into a black bag.
6. Just wait for the mosquito trap to catch mosquito's!

Everyone hates mosquito's, flies, and gnats.. So here is how to make the other mosquito trap(without beer) that will also catch many of your pesky insects. All you need is an empty 2 liter bottle, a knife, tape, sugar, water, yeast, and a pan. boil water and sugar together to make sugar water and let it cool for a while but not too much, cut the top off of your bottle and flip it over and set it inside the bottom half, tape the edges so that there are no openings, put a couple teaspoons of yeast in the top of the bottle, then pour the sugar water over the top, this will mix the yeast in with the water instead of it sitting on top of the water. You can also come up with a way to hang the bottle if you don't want it to sit on the ground. I used a hole punch and rubber bands which doesn't work as well as intended.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and hope the video was useful.

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