DIY Harvesting Cart (Video)

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Flavourful Farms shared this cart is a DIY project on their facebook page and was built to work around the fields to harvest crops, in it you can find all the tools needed to get the job done

"Everything has a spot and I don't have to unload it to store it. I think I will make a harvesting cart with all my harvesting gear too.
A little more work to do on it, I want it to have a lid with tools stored underneath and then I will close it in to protect my tools from the weather."

A useful comment on his post said:

"David Reed That's brilliant. Rather than the tool hooks I'll use short sections of PVC from a hack I saw on instructables
Flavourful Farms Yeah I like that idea. I didn't have any pvc, just used what I had. I think there could be some small mods to it that would make it really awesome!"

found via Flavourful Farms on Facebook

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