Never Know When You'll Need One of These: How to Install A Hand Pump (Video)

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If you are familiar with the show Doomsday Preppers, then you are familiar with Engineer775. He starred in one of the shows, and later became one of the consultants due to his knowledge and experience.

He has his own Youtube Chanel called Engineer778 Practical Preppers, and what we will be learning today on this video is how to install a simple hand pump.


The high-tech lever arm pump we sell is the easiest to operate, so it can be operated at far greater depths than any alternative.

It supports a total head of 350 feet. That can be from 350 feet water level -- or the equivalent of 250 feet water level while pumping into pressure.

The 350-foot head maximum is enough for most wells in the U.S., where well water depths are generally in the 50-150 feet range.

Motor Pump Add-On

This pump is the ONLY lever-arm pump that can be upgraded to motorized operation.

The motor can be added in just a few minutes. And, in the case of failure, it can be switched back quickly to lever arm operation -- again in just a few minutes. It is great for off-grid use. The motor is designed with a frugal power draw, minimizing the size of the solar array required to power it.

The motor is as energy-efficient as the most frugal solar submersible, with the unique benefits that come from being mounted above ground. While the submersible pump operates, the solar-powered configuration waits, fully ready to act as as a backup.

Manufacture, Quality and Affordability

It is manufactured in an aerospace-class manufacturing facility, alongside components for the Space Arm, medical robots and US jet fighters.

The lever-arm pump offers unmatched durability: designed for a 50+ year-life, with very low ongoing maintenance costs. It comes with a five-year warranty. Among lever arm pumps, its total cost of ownership is lowest -- i.e. initial cost, plus low maintenance, plus great longevity.

For security, while you are away, lever arm can be removed in minutes. The pump can also be lowered into low-profile position, just a few inches above the casing. Unobtrusive. Vandal resistant. Easy to secure inside a small lock box.

via Engineer775

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