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These days, most, if not all of your home cleaning products can be made at home.  With a few key ingredients, your dishwasher detergent or floor cleaner, or clothes detergent can be made by you!

This dishwasher detergent tutorial is ridiculously simple and only requires 4 ingredients.  Check it out:

Ingredients (easy purchase links)

Epsom Salt (

Borax  (

Super Washing Soda (

Lemon Juice (

This ingredient combo avoids the use of more intense toxic chemicals and according to the creators of the recipe, they haven’t had any problems with scaly white buildup that may be attributed to phosphates that are present in many dishwashing soaps.


First, you start by mixing all the powder ingredients together. Making sure to blend them well so there wont be clumps of one ingredient in the cubes.  If you prefer to not use the borax, it won't change the outcome of the product.

When everything was mixed I put a cup of the powder into a separate bowl and then poured in a little bit of lemon juice. For one cup of powder I used 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. You don't want it to be dry but you don't want it soaking wet either. 4 tablespoons made it a little wet and sticky which is exactly what I wanted.

The lemon juice will foam when it hits the powder. I mixed it all in and got it a little sticky. When I was finished with that, I started to add it to the ice cube trays. I put in a little and patted it down, then when I ran out I did another cup to mix with the lemon juice.

Place the trays on a window sill or counter overnight to dry.  When you wake up, you can literally just knock them out of the trays, and you will be good to go!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Make sure to mark the ice trays used in making the cubes.  Even when cleaned, there could still be traces of Borax.  So it should ONLY be used for this.

Source: Herbs-Info

Source: Louise's Country Closet



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