Make Your Own Charcoal Using A Paint Can & Twigs (video)

Categories: DIY

We know that charcoal is readily available at just about any store, but if you ever wanted to know how to create it yourself, here is how.  Charcoal is used in air filters, extracting poisons in the stomach, water filters, even to melt metal in a foundry.

To get started, you need a steal can and sticks.  Coffee or paint can will work.  Or you can can grab a quart size empty paint can from a hardware store and while you are there grab a load of paint sticks.

Cut the paint stick down to fit inside your size can. Pack as many sticks into the can as possible.  Paint sticks aren't the only kind you can use: twigs/sticks found on the ground or leftover sawdust will work too.

Put the lid on tightly and puncture a hole at the lid that will be used as the vent. 

Place can in the fire.  As the gases are released in the wood, the can will start to smoke.

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