Custom Chicken Coop Plans

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Assemble Front and Back of Frame

Once all pieces are in place, use 2-1/2” deck screws to assemble.

Position Frame

Lay two 6 foot lengths of 2x4 parallel on the ground spaced ten feet apart. Position assembled front and rear of frame in place with corners touching the ends of placed 2x4s. Lift the assembled components to stand vertically and stabilize using two lengths of 2x4 temporarily screwed in place.

Attach Sides

Have a helper on hand to make sure all sides are plumb and angles measure 90 degrees. Using 2-1/2 inch screws, secure the bottom and middle side supports. Note side supports are of double thickness for stability.

Remove Temporary Supports

Now that the frame is complete, the temporary supports may be detached. At this time, placing a piece of scrap lumber under each corner will make it easier to keep the structure level and plumb while working and when attaching bottom trim later on in the process.

Add Roof Joists

Position and attach four interior joists, evenly spaced and matching the pitch of the side joists. 

Trim Vertical Posts

Use a saw to trim vertical posts on the front of the structure to match the slope of the joists. This cut will allow roof panels to lie flat when attached.

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