Creating A Simple And Inexpensive Rain Water Collection System

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Visitors to the farm are usually surprised to learn that we water the entire garden and landscape with only reclaimed rain water. Our system, which collects and stores rainwater from our barn's metal roof, provides 100% of our annual watering needs. The best part, it was extremely easy to install, and can be inexpensively adapted to almost any home, shed or roof with a gutter.

We spent the past week hooking our tanks back up from winter storage - and within 24 hours - we had just over 150 gallons stored from a single rain. It's been over a year now since we first completed the rain collection system - and I honestly don't know how we survived without it.

It gives us access to free water, and with our two plastic tote tanks, can collect as much as 550 gallons from a single downpour. And that's only using rain from the back portion of the roof! This spring, we will add a third tank fed by the front gutter - increasing our storage to just shy of 900 total gallons - enough to handle our watering needs for nearly two months of complete drought.How it works: 

The system collects rain water from a simple adapter made to fit our existing barn's gutter. The barn has a standard gabled metal

Time: 3 Hours Cost: $100 Difficulty: Easy

100% of our watering needs are met using collected rainwater

Our barn's metal roof is our supply of water for the entire farm 

Through a simple in-line diverter – the rainwater is carried to our main capture tank 

The water then empties into our main storage tank 

We connect a standard garden hose to the tanks with a simple threaded adapter 

We quickly filled almost 150 gallons from a single rain last week, the day after we hooked the totes back up. 

A second tank sits above the garden for watering all of the plants with simple gravity and a hose

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