Making a Cedar Strip Canoe Time-lapse 9 Minute Video

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This Time-lapse video follows a first-time canoe builder through the entire construction process. The craftsmanship on this canoe is nothing short of amazing. This 13-foot solo canoe made using cedar strips is a lesson in fine workmanship. This time-lapse video shows this canoe build from the very start all the way to the very end. This canoe is done in a mere 9 minutes on this super fast time-lapse video. If the real-time needed was that quick, we would have an armada.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build a cedar-strip canoe from scratch? This time-lapse video gives a unique look into the process as it follows a first-time canoe builder through the construction process from start to finish. Although he admits to making a “few mistakes,” the finished product is a beautiful 13-foot solo canoe. At the end, the video says, “Not too bad for my first time.” We agree. Now we’d just like to see it on the water.


Now enjoy this other video by someone with more experience, beautiful work isn't it?

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