Dig A Hole And Put A Shipping Container In It - It's Bunker Time!

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When you get an inkling, an itch to do something, that's how it begins.  I know because I started that way.  The tensions had risen in my marriage because my wife didn't want to run when the tornados came.  She said "if it hits us it hits us."  I am a survivor.  I don't live that way.  If it's coming, I'll get my family out of the way.  After a few storms where she refused to leave the home, and I refused to stay, my motivation was set into play.  The next day I showed up with a backhoe from the rental place, and began to dig a 40x20 foot hole 12 feet deep.  What began as a whim turned into a code enforcement nightmare over where to pile the dirt while I worked, but soon I had a 32x16 underground room next to my house, and began to extend the home over the room.  It doesn't really make sense to live in a house and run to a shelter through the baseball hail and rain.  It's better to have a place inside your home that is safe.  

shipping container underground.png

Here's a man who got an inkling... to build a bunker with a container.... look and watch how his project went:

shipping container underground 2.png

shipping container underground 3.png

shipping container underground 4.png

shipping container underground 5.png

Then Watch The Video To See The Rest...



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