Building a smokehouse: 11 Easy Steps

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Step 4: Construct the back and fit to sides

Construct the back wall panel just as you did the side panels, but with all 5 boards cut to 5'9" in length. Fasten 21 1/4" framing lumber to the top and bottom of the inside back wall. Stand the sides and back together on a flat surface. The back should fit within the framing pieces of the side walls.

Step 5: Square it up

Measure to make sure the front portion of the smokehouse is square. Fasten 2"x4" cross braces to the front of the two side panels. Notch brace ends to accommodate the ends of the top and bottom framing pieces of the side panels.

Step 6: Finish the front

Rip 1"x6" pieces of pine board to be 3 1/8" wide for dressing the 2"x4" cross braces on the top and bottom. Position these pieces flush with the top and bottom brace edges, leaving about 1/2" of the top and bottom cross braces exposed, to serve as a door stop.

Step 7: Install shelf supports

Cut 8 shelf supports from the 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" board to length, and fasten four to the inside walls of each side panel, at the exact same heights. Check to be sure they are level. Here, the top of the first support was placed 18" above the floor, and the remaining supports were located with their top edges 14" above the support below.

Step 8: Build your door

Construct the smokehouse door from the remaining 5 pieces of pine, and cut to length so the door will fit snugly between the top and bottom pine pieces on the front. Fasten the door together using 1" thick boards in a "Z" formation, leaving room along the edges for the door to close completely. Fasten the door to the smokehouse using two 4" strap hinges.

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