Repurpose Your Old Broken Refrigerator Into the Ultimate Patio Ice Chest (Videos)

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Has a broken fridge cluttered up your garage?  Are you itching for a sweet DIY project that your friends will envy? This DIY Ice Chest will surely get your friends to turn their heads! And when they find out you made it...they will be in awe.

An old fridge is not always a piece of junk, as it is a great base for a set of DIY projects. To make the rustic look, you can use pallets which are very cheap and can also be recycled if you know where to find them. So this practically is the most inexpensive outdoor cooler project ever. You don’t even need special skills or tools to build the pallet case and you can use this cooler to chill your food at summer barbecues. 

Step 1

Old Refrigerator – Make sure the Freon has been properly removed, more info on this in step 4

- Pallets: You’ll need about 4 pallets to get enough wood for this project.

Screws: 1 1/4″ wood screws work well for this project

- Caulking

Liquid Nails

Casters: To make it move.

- 2″ X 4″s: For framing in the bottom of the fridge and to build the base the cooler sits on.

- Misc PVC/Brass Fittings

– Used to construct a drain at the bottom of the cooler for easy draining after use.

- Rope and Eye Bolts: To keep the cooler lids from opening too far.

- Black Spray Paint

- Tools: Drill/Driver

       Chop Saw

       Circular Saw


       Caulking Gun:For plugging holes in the refrigerator to make it waterproof and for applying liquid          nails.

       Pry-Bars and Hammers


Step 2: Break down the pallets

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