Watch As This Man Builds A Water Pump From Scratch

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Watch this simple idea and the crafty ingenuity of this man as he builds a water pump by hand

Manual system made from recycled parts based on a pulley and crank, rubber / plastic caps tied to an "endless string" of nylon or polyethylene and PVC water pipes and other simple materials that facilitate the removal of water from a deep well without the use of electricity or gasoline diessel and with minimal effort. The caps function as pistons and cylinder tubes; pulley can be done with a bicycle wheel and crank as seen. Three tubes welded squarely ..... - at San Miguel del Valle, Diaz Ordaz, Oaxaca.

Sistema manual hecho con materiales reciclados a base de una polea y manivela, tapones de plástico amarrados a una "cuerda sin fin" de nylon o polietileno, así como tubos de pvc hidráulicos y otros materiales sencillos, que facilitan la extracción de agua de un pozo profundo sin el uso de electricidad , diessel o gasolina y con un mínimo esfuerzo. Los tapones funcionan como pistones, los tubos como cilindros; la polea se puede hacer con una rueda de bicicleta en desuso y la manivela , soldando tres tubos en ángulo recto..... — at San Miguel del Valle, Díaz Ordaz, Oax.

With a sharp edged pipe, he first punches circular rings out with a hard plastic material


rings 2.png

Then center punches a hole into the middle of the ring, making it shaped like a washer

rings 3.png

The rings are threaded over the nylon rope

rings 4.png

And a knot is tied to keep them in place with equal spacing

rings 5.png

The rope is run through the pvc pipe and bottom base section

pump 1.png

And the entire device is lowered into the well

pump 2.png

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