Biochar by Bio Burner- A new method of manufacturing

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We found a unique way to continuously make biochar here at BioBurner. We can also dry, sterilize and configure almost any biomass into fertilizer, bedding, mulch etc at the same time. The combination of opportunities has put us in a good place for testing biochar and organic fertilizers.


We have processed elephant dung, chicken litter and horse manure into perfectly configured dry, sterilized and storable fertilizers and biochar. The biochar we make is consistent and dust free (cooled with water so it is wet when we make it).


I'm posting this to see if it will generate any interest or discussion on different things to try to prove/disprove the hype around biochar. We have the equipment and land to try almost anything in the field of biochar. It there is interest I'll make a better video and get more detailed with the content.

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