Amazing Outdoor Seats From Upcycled Clawfoot Tubs by Helen Stephenson

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The idea came about as a commission to design sturdy weatherproof outdoor seats for a music festival with a limited budget. On my daily walk from my flat to my studio, I saw two baths dumped on the street by the rubbish bins. Made from fibreglass, they are an instant, durable material already moulded to he human shape and very easy to cut with an angle grinder.


Using broken chinaware and ceramic tiles leftover from previous projects, I choose strong patterns found in Indian architecture and added mirror tiles to give them a luxuriant edge. The hardest part was to ensure there are no sharp edges which people could snag their clothes on or hands, as they are very tactile. Grouting is most definitely for the patient.

Helen Stephenson is making a splash with her new collection of outdoor seating. The everyday bath has been upcycled and transformed with beautiful intricate mosaic patterns and sparkling mirror tiles. Using reclaimed chrome tubular frames from office chairs and waterproof seat cushions upholstered in discarded umbrella fabric, I am not a Bath invites the viewer to immerse in the upcycled ethos.

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