A $10 Barrel Becomes 24 Different Creative And Ingenious Things

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Pallets have gotten a lot of credit as being extremely recycleable.  There's another commodity out there that is in rich supply, and they are often used once, and then they end up in the metal scrap yard or even the garbage.  They are the 55 gallon drum oil type barrel.  Today they are used for many many things.  They come in metal and a polymer plastic, and store a range of things from Oils and lubricants to chicken feed in quantity.  There is a good distribution system out there for them, so they have become the prominent container for 55 gallon increments of goods.  That said, when they are delivered, and emptied, they set there... out there... somewhere... waiting to be scrapped, hauled away, recycled, or repurposed!

Because of that, people have found a huge variety of uses for them from barbecues to firepits to dining room sets, to... well you'll just have to see all this creativity!

This Pit Barrel Cooker Sells On Amazon For $299

And it's a great service they provide in saving you any work, but if you're a Do It Your-selfer, you could save some money just to spend a little time.  

On Craigslist, you can find some good deals on 55 gallon drum barrels:

Here these steel ones in Springfield Massachussets today are $10 each: 

Here they are with lids in North Jersey for $30

Or in San Francisco area, here's metal or plastic for $20 each

image 1

In Pamona, your choice for $25 each (I see a rain barrel in there..oooh somebody get it!) 

But now we get down to the nitty gritty... what can you do with a barrel?  Well the possiblities are absolutely endless!  Here are just a few of those endless possibilities:


1.  Chair


2. Artisan Firepit

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