These Things Can Be Made With Only 2X4's!

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2x4's are one of the most inexpensive pieces of building material and are available just about anywhere.  They can be cut down into any size and used as furniture, games pieces, art...really, whatever your brain can think up.

One important tip before you build 2 x 4 projects: Run your wood stock through a jointer and a planer if you have one, to make sure your boards are flat and square. That's because the 2 x 4's you find at the lumberyard are often warped and twisted, which doesn't make for good furniture.


In modern furniture, less is more.

This bench can be made for less than $50 and would be a great addition to any home. 

Source: Popular Mechanics


Every workshop needs a good workbench and these are easy to make.  Using square cut 2x4's and using nails or screws, these sawhorses go together super easily.


Jenga is the perfect group game for any party and outdoor jenga may be one of the best for summer!  By cutting the 2x4's the exact same length and sanding the edges, your barbecue just got that much better!

Storage Shelves

Garages seem to be the catch all for everything and can quickly become a 'hot-mess'.  Organizing that 'hot-mess' can often seen overwhelming especially if your storage space is limited.  With the strength of the 2x4, you can create storage shelves in a few easy steps. DIY Design Fanatic walks you step by step for even the most overwhelmed!

Firepit Bench

These benches are not only beautiful to look out but are so multi-purpose.  The top can be used as a table or another tier for sitting.  The back section is storage so no critters get into your stuff.

While they are technically made from 2x4's and 2x6's they are too cool not to include.

For more awesome 2x4 ideas, click here.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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