23 Awesome PVC Projects for the Home

Categories: DIY
  1.  How about a summer marshmallow attack to kick off the day!  Everybody can have their own color!

You don't really need to measure to make them.  Just cut where it looks right and glue the pieces together with pvc glue.  The lower part is just for a handle.  The marshmallow will find its way through.

 Nothing like a little spraypaint to get the color of choice.  You could even get super-creative with tape and stickers for shapes and multi-color designs.  

The kids have an absolute blast playing with them, except I think more marshmallows got eaten than shot.  I would also suggest that if you are making these, you make each kid their very own to use to keep the saliva spread to a minimum.

  This first idea came from the post 31 days of crafting with pvc

2.  With a little shiny paint, you can easily make a nice set of flower holders to compliment any room


3.  This PVC modern wine rack is an easy afternoon project, and can fit into an existing cabinet. PVC is one of those inexpensive construction materials that is easy to cut, paint, drill, glue and create with. You can purchase straight tubes of different sizes, and matching connectors as well. Whether it’s to create a cool storage unit, or just something pretty, this is a great material for the beginning DIY’er to use. Try these DIY PVC projects all around the home!



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