11 Ways to Cook Without Power

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One of my favorite things about the pioneer days is their ability to accomplish so much without electricity. It’s amazing when one looks at how they lived and what they did. Many of us would be hard pressed to make it a few days, let alone years, without our electricity and stores.  

11 ways to cook off-grid without power. Learn which is best for you before the winter storms hit so you won't be caught without a way to cook for your family. If you don't know how to cook without power you need to read this immediately.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate my power and the use of said stores. As long as they’re here, I plan on using them. However, I also believe in knowing how to do things without said benefits. I’m often an eclectic mix of old-fashioned and modern. You, too? See, I knew we’d be fast friends.

Cooking outdoors and off-grid, aka without power, is something I believe everyone should know how to do. While I don’t cook every meal without electricity, I do have the confidence and knowledge that I am able to do so.

September is National Preparedness Month and the beginning of fall and winter storm season.

Just this afternoon as my father helped me shell beans to can we were talking about his growing up through the Depression years. He said, “I know what it was like and I’ll always live thinking it could happen again and wanting to be prepared for it.” As beans dropped into the bowl at our feet he said, “But you know something, hard times bring people together.”

I believe he’s right.

And I also believe he’s right in wanting to be prepared.

We got without power every winter. Some times for a few hours, a few days, and once for a few weeks. I have a feeling most folks will experience a prolonged power outage in their lives a time or two. Or like us, a time or two every month or so… :)

When the power is out, there’s nothing like still being able to serve your family a hot full course meal. Here’s several ways to choose from to cook and bake (because trust me, living without baked goods is not really living) your food without power. I hope you learn how to do several of them well before you need to.

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