10 Unusual DIY Creations With 55 Gallon Barrels

Categories: DIY

5.  Log Skid – Before we came across these in our research, we didn’t even know such a thing existed. Now we can make one as soon as we find a tree that offends us enough to cut it down.

6.  Top Bar Bee Hive – Want to have your own bees but don’t want to pay the big bugs for a pre-made hive? Now you can make your own on the cheap.

7.  Pedal Car – You won’t exactly be able to take this out on the road, but a kid you know could have years of fun in one of these and you can trick it out however you want.

8.  Tractor Train – There’s no real plans that we could find for these, but you can buy the hardware from the link provided.  If you’re handy (and we know you are) you could also use the photos at the end of the link to fabricate your own hardware.

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