10 Pallets and $80 Makes This Great Swimming Pool! DIY Fun!

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Are you dreaming about having your own pool at home and spending some relaxing moments in it? Well, with the help of this next DIY project this dream can become reality and you will never again have to go to public pools in the Summer. It doesn't cost much.

We are talking about old pallets that you have laying around from a previous project. Even if you don’t have a few pallets at home you can always ask a crafty friend to give you some. You will need 10 pallets and a hefty investment of about $80. According to Torben Jung, this whole project cost him only 70 euros, which isn’t too bad for a pool this size!

He used long wratchet straps to hold it all together

You can buy liners or heavy plastic.  A couple layers is a good idea, and some padding as you see to prevent puncture.

And how about some fancy bamboo siding.  You can buy mats of these very cheaply for beach use or window shade.

via:  Goods Home Design

Now check out this $44.00 Daddy made home pool:

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