10 DIY Sinks and Vanities (and a Tub and Shower Too!)

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Turning bowls into vessel sinks, and dressers into vanities aren't new ideas, but the difference is that the people that are in this article did it right.

Also in our list are some ideas that might serve as inspiration for the next big thing in bathroom fixture re-purposing. 

Jill bought a bamboo $20 bowl at World Market and turned it into a lovely vessel sink. She wrote up a how-to 5 months after its installation, just to make sure it held up. It does!

Ginger used a resin bowl to make her vessel sink.

An IKEA Hacker turned a $15 BLANDA BLANK salad bowl into a vessel sink. 

From industrial to farmhouse, this galvanized steel turned laundry tub is so charming it hurts. And I want one.

Instructabler CaptainJester tells us how he turned this dresser...

into this bathroom vanity:

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