3D Printing Homes Out Of Mud! Sustainable, Insulated, Better!

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The future of zero cost homes has taken a giant leap. WASP is a 3D printing company comprised of developers and practitioners. 

WASP has unveiled the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, which can build full-size buildings out of mud and clay for nearly zero cost.

The Big Delta is 40 feet high and has almost finished a mud hut for only 48 euros. (so far)

Drawing inspiration from the mud dauber wasp that constructs its home from one of the world’s oldest building materials, they want to build affordable fabrications of houses for little to no building cost.

3D printers usually use cement, but the innovator, Massimo Moretti wanted to use mud because of it low enviromental footprint, availability, and the ability to naturally insulate.

The Bigdelta six meters high that WASP has currently achieved is mountable in about an hour by three persons and can be powered from a few meters of solar panels.

Source : WASP

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