Who Said Off Grid Homes Needed To Be Tiny? This One is 2900 Square Feet! (video)

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The goal of homeowners, John Schaeffer & Nancy Hensley, when building their home was to create a home that was completely in harmony with the surrounding landscape and was ecologically sound and energy efficient.  And oh my goodness, did they succeed! Bringing in Craig Henritzy, an architecture, their home is completely off grid and runs entirely on renewable energy...and did I mention it's 2,900 square feet?

Sitting on SunHawk Farrms, this is truly a gorgeous home and has become the focus of creativity and innovation. 

See for yourself!

Their round house is made from Raestra block which is 85% recycled Styrofoam and 15% cement.  

The roof shingles are made from recycled tires and a lot of the wood used is reclaimed.


A large array of solar photovoltaic panels line the curved roof of the home, and just above them sit a cluster of solar thermal (hot water) panels.

In addition to the panels, they installed a 1.5-kilowatt hydroelectric system on a seasonal creek that provides additional power during the region's rainy winters.

The patio cover isn't the only place they used recycled irrigation pipes...

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