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Italian filmmakers Federica Miglio and Alessandro Turci followed Michael Reynolds and the Earthship team while they built a community center in Malawi and a typhoon-proof demonstration project in the Philippines.  They also spent several weeks at  Earthship Headquarters in Taos, New Mexico.  Premiered on Italian Sky TV on Earth Day of this year.  it will be available online early next year.

Ouagadougou, the capital ofBurkinaFaso, is three times winner of the “Cleanest City of Africa” award. This success is due, mainly, to the work of theCorporates (Ouagadougou City Council,RegionePiemonte andLVIANGO) promoters of a pioneering composting and separate collection project, but above all is due to the work of the women's cooperatives that manage the whole process of waste recycling.

The biggest environmental threat for the African continent comes from plastic, its indiscriminate abandon contaminates pastures, groundwater and plantations, and its combustion produces dioxin, which creates a huge economic and sanitary emergency.
Next to the ecological impact stands out an economic/social effect which improves the conditions of bukinabé women, whom live in one of the poorest countries of the world. Our documentary tells the story of three women (Fati, Salamata and Zoenabo) and their hard daily lives; existences that their cooperative work makes more dignified, giving them also an active role as witness of a new environmental conscience.


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