Dive head first in natural building with these inspirational images

Categories: Construction Methods

The best way to test-drive natural building techniques, is to experiment with a small project. Something that it's ok if it doesn't work out perfectly. Here is an assortment of ideas on structures of what is possible when you start with a small experimental natural building.

The amazing thing about building with natural materials, is that they are readily available wherever you live. You might need to work a little to gather them in one spot, but if they are not absolutely free, they will be pretty inexpensive.

The images below are meant to inspire you into getting your hands in the mud (clay) and create, let the five year old in you come out and play and have fun!!!!

Small Shed

What about a Shed or Garage

An outhouse with style

Or a playground for the children

What about something whimsical like this chicken coop

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