This 'Indestructible' Home is Inspired By Sea Creatures & Dinosaurs

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Berkeley, California is known for its strange things on city streets, but even the most veteran resident turns their head when they see this incredible home.  

The locals call it the "Fish House" or the Tsui House.  Architect, Eugene Tsui, claims it is one of the world's safest dwellings.  He took his inspiration from the tardigrade, a water creature, with some of the architectural elements inspired by dinosaurs.

The home was built for $250,000 and is made fop cement blocks, recycled Styrofoam, reinforced steel, and concrete.   The outer walls are made from marine fiberglass, structural plaster, non-toxic waterproofing, and recycled wood.  The shelves are even built into the walls to prevent damage during earthquakes.

The home is essentially disaster proof.  A series of perforated drain pipes in between the roof and floor dispel any accumulated water to alleviate fluid built up by storms or floods and the entire house is partially buried 1.5 meters into the ground. Its Rastra block walls can withstand pests, fire, water, and reduces sound by about to 50 decibels.

Without the need for air conditioning, the Tsui House is able to naturally remain cool in the summer and warm in winter.

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Source: inhabitat

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