Building Homes From Plastic Bricks! Waste Product Homes Are The Future!

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What if things we throw away could be put right in a block maker, and turned into bricks?  That's beginning to happen in multiple ways!  From plastic bricks made of recycle waste to machines that crush boulders and rocks into liquid cement, and make bricks, there are great things on the horizon!


People are becoming more and more aware of the impact the decisions they make have on their environment and surroundings, and are doing something about it!  Watch these two great videos and see what others are doing!  

  • New York-based startup ByFusion is turning plastic waste into construction blocks known as RePlast. The company's technology can use any form of plastic, including marine debris, in its process.
  • These blocks can be made in the same size as standard concrete blocks, though don't have the same weight-bearing capabilities. The blocks do have good acoustic and thermal insulation properties, which ByFusion says makes them ideal for use in road projects or fill-in building frames.
  • RePlast blocks don't need any glues or adhesives. ByFusion says they also meet LEED certification standards and have a 95% lower emissions footprint than concrete blocks.

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