From Trash To Treasure: 7 'Trash' Homes You Have To See

Categories: Construction Methods

Fixer uppers have become popular since HGTV brought us every type of DIY show you could imagine.  But, this is a new one!  These owners have taken the saying 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' and have literally built these homes out of trash.

Take a look:

These homes are from Dan Phillips and Phoenix Commotion.  They use materials to build homes from discarded materials including but not limited to broken ceramic tile, wine corks, shattered mirrors and bones from a local cattle yard.  

This one is an artists compound in Huntsville, Texas and is considered a piece of his "primal love of bone".  It is even available for rent for artists in need.

In this home his collection of discarded signs cover the exterior wall and shower.  So cool!


This home is actually considered a tree house and is made from reclaimed wood, antiques, and other random objects.  


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