This kayak can fold up and fit in your suitcase

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"We believe that connecting to nature is a deep human need —even for those of us who live in cities. We love exploring the world around us, and we draw inspiration from all sorts of experiences—most obviously Greenland kayaks and Japanese origami, but many others that live in the details. We’re building a business, but our real goal is to change how people connect with the water."

"We have lofty goals, but we’re also a bunch of fun-loving makers and doers. We work in old auto-body shop in San Francisco, with friendly dogs and foggy rooftop happy hours. The Bay and the Ocean are both a short hop away "Z—we can surf the Pacific in a Coast Kayak in the morning, and head to a Giants game in a Beach Kayak in the afternoon. We come from all around the world and we’re proud to have an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.""

via OruKayak


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