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If you are the type of person whose idea of a good time is a week of nothing but riding your motorcycle on the open road and sleeping on the ground, then this Solo Expedition Tent from Redverze is something you should take a serious look at.

The design on this tent is simple but effective. With a bay for your bike and a sleeping cabin large enough for one person, both a rider and their bike can keep sheltered from prying eyes, inclement weather, and windy nights. Worried about the size of your ride? Don’t be. The bike bay is 6 feet and 4 inches high, making it more than large enough for your bike (even a Harley Ultra Classic).

For warmer weather, the tent features a flow-through venting system that keeps air moving throughout the space to keep you from burning up during the summer. To top all of this off the tent only weighs in at about 12 pounds, making it a simple thing to pack onto the back of your bike. Say goodbye to waking up in the middle of the night and hoping your bike is still there. You can get yours for $450.

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