Is Warm Weather Calling Your Name? Test Out Your Off-Grid Nature Here

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We have 10 acres of land, and are zoned Agricultural.  We are starting to plant a food forest and organic garden, bees, ducks, turkeys, goats, rabbits and chickens, seeking to be self sustainable and eco-friendly. 

$80 come and live off the grid on 10 acre retreat (Golden Gate Estates Naples)

If you need a place to camp and be immersed in nature this is a great location, we do not live full time on the property and are seeking people to visit and keep and eye on things and the animals while we are not around, help out with the garden and fun projects etc.

Are you, creative, problem solver, honest, hard working love animals, live a healthy life style and know to fix things, build things, grow food and create gardens?

We DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, WATER, SEPTIC OR INTERNET at the moment, we are planing on having all of this in the future but not sure exact date, cell phone reception is good.
If you are interested please send me an email and let's see how can we help each other.

Please note that we are renting temporary spots (minimum stay is 1 night maximom stay is 3 months) for parking your RV/Trailer/Tent, we are not renting rooms, trailer. RV, cabins etc.   You will need to provide your own living accomodations.
$80 per month (reduce rent for help with animals and projects)
month to month agreement
$100 refundable deposit

In order to qualify for the reduce rent you must have one of the following skills:
gardening, landscaping, construction, pluming, carpentry, painting, road paving, cutting out paths, bee keeping, wells, alternative energy, edible gardens, green house, masonry, fence, farm animals, caning, living off the grid etc

thanks for reading :-)

PS:We live in a very remote area so you will need to have your own transportation and be OK with wild animals that visit or live on the property.

Absolutely NO smokers or growers, need to respond or drinkers or drug users or drama queens or people with allergies to cats or scared of wild animals.  

If you think this is an ideal situation for you, please email us with your name, phone number, skills you have to offer, in what will you be camping, what motivates you to move with us and what is your ideal move in date.

Source:  Craigslist  <<follow link for more details

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