Portable Outdoor Theater Kit Brings Movies To The Wilderness

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Have you ever wondered what Bambi thinks of watching his own movie?  Take your outdoor movie watching experience anywhere with this portable and easy to set up screens and projector stands!

Drive through movies are a relic of an era long past. If they are still in use it is only by virtue of their quaint appeal to folks who would like to see what it was like to have gone to one back in the mid 20th century. Movies and cars still are still a winning combination, however, and this amazing fold out movie screen by Hitch Theaters brings out the best of both worlds.

Easy to set up and fold down, this screen is perfect for folks who are looking to spend a night under the stars watching a film with their friends. Mounting on your truck’s trailer hitch and using four stabilizing wires to keep the screen from blowing around, you can point a projector at the screen from the roof of your truck or set one up on a stand to project from the front.

About this project

Hitch Theaters has developed portable projector screens and projector stands to let you to take your outdoor movie watching experience to a whole new level!  Your Personal Drive-in Experience not only takes you outside, but ANYWHERE you can imagine, with three basic setups! #1.  The True Drive-in Theater

Our FIRST ever design was developed to allow you to watch a movie from the comfort of the bed of your truck!  The innovative Rooftop Projector Stand allows you to project a movie across the bed of your truck onto your Hitch Theaters Portable Projector Screen that is suspended from the hitch receiver of your truck. Compatible with any Pickup truck with a hitch mount, this setup truly places you in the middle of your surroundings, with the picture in full view, and the night sky surrounding you!  This makes for a very romantic evening with that special someone! 

#2.  The Group Date

When three's a crowd, but you can't seem to get rid of that third wheel, we've got you covered!  With your Tall Projector Stand with Removable DVD and Sound Shelf (shelf not pictured), you can still enjoy a night under the stars with multiple people.  Simply turn your Hitch Theaters Portable Projector Screen around so it's facing away from the bed of your truck, and light up your projector!  This setup allows you to use your screen on ANY vehicle with a hitch, even if it isn't a truck!  For vehicles without the standard 2 inch hitch mounts, simply use a hitch adapter that accommodates your size of hitch, and you're in business!  And while the three of you are arguing about which movie to watch, why don't you invite your roommate to come and keep that third wheel of yours company!              

#3. The Movie Night

No hitch?  No Problem!  Have a block party with your neighbors, or enjoy a movie in a park!  With your Freestanding Portable Projector Screen and uniquely designed Tall Projector Stand with Removable DVD and Sound Shelf (Shelf Shown), you can enjoy night outside with family and friends!   

Hitch Theater Portable Projector Screen Features 

The Hitch Theaters Portable Projector Screen is a game changer for moviegoers everywhere!  It features a completely unique telescoping and locking hitch arm that slides into the hitch receiver of ANY vehicle with a hitch!  This telescoping feature is important for viewing a movie in the bed of your truck, because it allows the viewer to change the throw distance from the projector stand to the screen, to customize the size of the projected image.  It comes with a completely collapsible frame that is supported by two telescoping arms protruding off of the hitch arm.  It features button locks at each connection point, guy lines for absolutely stable support and a HUGE 122 in diagonal HD nylon fabric screen with adjustable straps.  AND it all fits inside a cary bag that can easily be stowed away in the trunk of your car or behind the seat in your truck!  

Rooftop Stand Features

The rooftop stand allows you to project a movie from the rooftop of any truck to the Hitch Theaters portable projector screen.  It features a 13 X13 inch stand top with adjustable elastic straps to secure your projector to the stand.  It also has a telescoping arm that allows you to adjust the height of the stand.  This feature is important, because each truck has cabs with varying heights.  This feature allows you to adjust the projected image to the very center of the screen no matter what size truck you are using, thus ensuring a perfectly square image, every time!  It's telescopic legs help keep the top of the stand level, no matter how uneven the roof of your truck may be and also allow for height adjustment.  For added stability, each leg has magnets in the rubber shoes of the stand, to magnetize the entire stand to the roof of your truck for guaranteed stability! 

Tall Stand Features

The tall stand has many of the same features as the rooftop stand, such as telescoping legs to keep the stand level on uneven ground, the same 13 X 13 inch stand top with elastic straps and is height adjustable, but this stand is much larger and has many other AWESOME features!  It features stake loops at the foot of each leg  and 3 guy lines which provide up to 6 points of contact, preventing the stand from tipping over and shaking.  You can adjust the height between 3.5 feet, up to 10 feet!  Why does it need to be so tall you may ask?  WHY NOT!  This stand allows you to place the projected image at the very center of the screen, ensuring that the image is completely square every time.  So you can park your vehicle a little higher or have your screen on a lifted truck and still have room for the stand to reach!  It also comes with a removable 18 X 18 inch DVD and sound shelf to keep your gear out of the dirt and also prevents you from having to buy longer cables.  AWESOME!  

Q & A 

Q. Do I have to have a truck to use this product?

A. NOPE! The Hitch Theaters projector screen can be used on ANY vehicle with a hitch receiver! And if your hitch receiver is not the standard 2X2 inch, you can use an inexpensive hitch adaptor to attach the screen toy your car, Truck or SUV. We also sell a Free Standing Projector Screen for those without a hitch receiver of any kind!  

Q. How do you power your gear?

A. We personally have used power converters that plug into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, battery pack's, or generators that are all widely available. Also many vehicles come with power plugs as a regular accessory. Many projectors, and speakers come with internal power and are very convenient for use with Hitch Theaters products.     

Q. Is it easy to setup?

A. It is very easy to setup! With our easy to piece together frame and Nylon screen, Hitch theaters Projector Screen and Stands are built with the user in mind. Average setup time is about 10 minutes with just one or two people!

Q. Is it bulky...Will it take up a lot of room?

A. Nope! Hitch Theaters Projector Screen fits into a bag not a whole lot bigger than a tent bag!  

Q. When will I get my product?

A. Our products are fully developed and ready to manufacture! We just need funding to be able to manufacture on a larger scale. Since this is our first time manufacturing this product, we have anticipated that it may take about 6-7 months to get our rewards shipped to your door, with the hope that we will be able to get it to you sooner! 

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