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Whether you’re on the lam or just taking some personal time away from the big city, camping and motorcycles go hand-in-hand. But when it comes time to lay your head down at night finding a comfortable place to rest and keeping a close eye on your bike all night may prove a bit difficult for one person. Fortunately, the MoBed offers the best of both worlds.

TheMoBed is fairly self-explanatory. Simply put, it’s a tented bed on top of your motorcycle enabling you to sleep on your bike. It works best when used in conjunction with a bike that has a steady center stand on solid ground since you wouldn’t want the bike to fall over in the middle of the night. It’ll keep you off the cold ground, elevated from anything that crawls around in the dark while keeping you and your bike safe and secure overnight.

TheMoBed is a motorcycle mounted tent designed to get you up off the ground away from the bugs and snakes, and its makers say it doubles as a good way to ensure your bike isn’t stolen at night while you sleep.

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