Woman Climbs Mountains With Her Daughter on Her Back

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The nature-loving pair have more than 11,000 followers on Instagram where their weekend adventures are documented in stunning images

Hadlie has been practicing her rock climbing skills on an indoor wall installed at her home since she was just 18 months old. The pair are pictured rock climbing in Queen Creek Canyon, Arizona

Three-year-old Hadlie is pictured tying her hair back while her 25-year-old mother is seen bouldering in Priest Draw, Arizona

Morgan, from Phoenix, Arizona, said the pair started out with very basic, short hikes near where they lived before going on to bigger things.

The adventurous mother-daughter duo make time to play pretend with toy horses as they enjoy camping  

Morgan says her life began when Hadlie was born, adding that her three-year-old daughter is her 'best friend and inspiration.'

And it's not just hiking and climbing they do together, Morgan also enjoys horse riding and bouldering with her daughter.

Morgan added: 'People say 'when you have kids your life is over' but I disagree.

'My life began when Hadlie became a part of it. She's my best friend and my inspiration - there's no one else I would rather share my adventures with than her.

'I think it's easier being an outdoorsy parent than someone who takes their kid to the mall on the weekends. It's natural and we have a lot of fun together.'

During the week, Morgan studies a course in sustainable agriculture, volunteers at a community gardens and works for a landscape design company. 

But her weekend adventures with her adorable daughter are documented in a series of stunning images on Instagram, where the pair have more than 11,000 followers.

However, Morgan added: 'It's not always as simple and easy as it looks on social media as she's a toddler.

'They are the most complicated living things on this planet. But the hard moments and the tantrums are temporary and short-lived.'

'I think people are just inspired by the fact I am a mum who likes to do rad stuff with her daughter.

'People enjoy feeling like they are a part of that with us - plus Hadlie's adorable.

'If she doesn't specifically remember each and every trip because she is only three now, that's fine, because we will have a lot of photos and videos for her to look back on.

'And these trips are shaping her character and the person she is going to become.....'

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