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There are certain shapes and designs that will simply never go away, and the column is one of them. Over the centuries, every civilization has used some variation on the design, while others have reached back to borrow themselves. This fire pit from Decorpro borrows much in the same way to create a unique backyard conversation piece with its Ion Fire Pit.

Made up of eight separate solid steel sections, all connected by a suspended steel plate, this fire pit features slots on which you can place rotisserie spits, skewers, or marshmallow sticks making it perfect for summer gatherings. Once you get a fire going for long enough, the material making up this stove heats up and radiates out warmth for hours afterwards so you can stay huddled up by it after the fire has gone out. Due to the coating on this pit – each one will develop its own unique patina over a lifetime of use.

Ion by Decorpro was inspired by the rigid geometry of Roman architecture. This fire pit is the perfect addition to any backyard, patio, sitting area, cottage or beach. The grand scale and unique form will always be the focal point of any conversation. Ion has been designed with slits along the tall columns to allow you to easily rest skewers, marshmallow sticks or even rotisserie spits. The plate holding the fire is firmly secured to the columns which actually elevates the base off the ground.


This has been designed to remove the bottom plate from making contact with the ground, once it reaches high temperatures. This large scale fire pit is made entirely out of a heavy gauge steel, finished with an automotive grade epoxy powder coat finish. Please follow the instructions carefully after purchasing this products. Look and finish of the Ion will change after exposure to high heat, creating a beautiful natural patina. Consult your local bylaws before purchasing or burning the Ion fire pit. All fire pits are custom made to order, please allow approximately 4 weeks lead time on every fire pit purchase.

  • Made from 100% Steel
  • Painted in an Automotive grade epoxy powder coat paint
  • Durable for outdoor use
  • Price US$1,526.91


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