Great Tips On How and Where to Sleep for Free!!

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For those adventure seekers with no commitments other than the experiences lived, the places visited and the people met. This is a great article because it shows you ways of being frugal while traveling. For some of you maybe a couple of his suggestions might be to extreme, but I believe that traveling broadens your horizons and expands your mind. You learn tolerance, to be on your own and to loosen up a bit to be more open and meet amazing people.

When traveling without money I hear a few basic questions every day and one of them is, “where do you sleep?” Traveling without money is certainly not for everyone but this blog is simply a guide on how you can travel your country or the world without spending a penny on lodging. Or if not to that extreme than at least drastically reducing the amount of money you spend on lodging. All of my suggestions in this blog come from a fair amount of experience. I’ve embarked on four long distance adventures without a penny and traveled on a shoestring budget over the last decade through six continents and 35 countries. Some of these suggestions may be for you, others may not, so my advice is to take what you’d like from this guide and turn it into action, whether it be in your own city or in a far off land. 

This guide not only aims to save you a lot of money but also to help you travel more earth friendly and more deeply connect with your destination than you typically would by staying in a hotel room. Although this guide is primarily designed for traveling you certainly could use this in your city to sleep for free as well!

First and foremost before you leave for your adventure I recommend packing basic camping gear. The must-haves are a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, and a pillow. By having these you’ll be able to sleep for free in just about any pinch you get into.

Here I am loaded up for my second bike ride across the USA.  I had everything I needed and more on this bike.

I’ll go more into the possibilities with your tent later and for now just say, go camping and explore nature!

And camp out under the expansive sky!

There are some campgrounds and parks that charge money but nature is completely free all around us. Get out there and explore the earth’s natural beauty. Whether you are cycling the country, hitching, road tripping, or taking public transportation you’ll be sure to find plenty of natural places where you can set up camp for free for the night (or week) if you’ve got your eyes open.

Stay with strangers! There are many ways to stay in people’s houses around the world. One of my favorites is  This is a fellow I stayed with in Nicaragua while hitching through central America.

Couchsurfing is a network of over 6 million people around the world, many of which offer their place for free to other members. The website is free to use as well so this is 100% free lodging. It’s about a lot more than saving money though. It’s about making friends in the places you travel, seeing the places you visit through the eyes of the locals, and sharing your travels and experiences with others. At least that’s what it is about for me.  I’ve couchsurfed with dozens of people all over the world and it’s been an incredible way for me to see the world. Hotels and hostels were only $2 a night in Indonesia but I still couchsurfed. Not to save the $2 of course, but to immerse with the locals in the wild places I visited. Here for example is a muslim wedding I was invited to in South Sulawesi, Indonesia where I was the only white person and only person who spoke english besides my host.

Hosts and travelers have profiles with reviews too so it’s pretty easy to tell whether the potential host is an honest and safe person to stay with. I know hundreds of couchsurfers and 99% of the experiences have been positive.  

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